Version 28

  • Users can follow comments and receive notifications for new comments on news articles.

  • When writing a comment users can mention other users in comments. The mentioned users will receive a notification about the new comment.

  • We introduced e-mail notifications in additon to the mobile push notifications. Users can individually specify their preferred notification method in the settings.

  • There is a new section to manage the linked Azure directory in the admin area.

  • We redesigned the navigation panel to provide a better navigation experience.

  • On the consumer view users can filter the displayed news articles by channels now.

  • We improved the highlighting of unread news in the consumer view.

  • We added a Zapier app to simplify the integration of external apps in Condense.

  • Group administrators can now search for user accounts when adding new users to a group.

  • Group administrators can assign multiple users via AD security groups to a role in a group.

Web: 28.0.51 (20271-production)
API: 28 (20252)