Version 35.1

  • The Posts feature is now enabled by default for new subscriptions (contact us, if you'd like to try it!)

  • Improved design for Posts

  • Improved behavior for picture & file uploads for Posts

  • Improved navigation in the left side menu for Pages

  • Introduced Roboto font instead of Montserrat font everywhere

Web: 35.0.51 (28749-production)
API: 35.0.19 (28743-production)

Version 35

  • We made the login screen clearer

  • We introduced branded login screens (Settings - Customization)

  • There is a new "Self Registration" feature (Settings - Self Registration, this feature is disabled by default, contact us, if you'd like to use it)

  • The number of unread news is now indicated in the left side menu

  • The number of unread posts is displayed in the left side menu

  • We Improved views for empty columns in the manage pages view

  • We drastically improved support for external / guest AzureAD users

Web: 35.0.29 (27684-production)
API: 35.0.6 (27688-production)

Version 34

  • Added "Show unread news only" toggler to the news views

  • Added "Recycle Bin" functionality for pages

  • Pages can now be permanently deleted

  • Added the "Unlinked pages" section to the manage pages view (makes managing pages easier)

  • "Pages" are now enabled by default for new subscriptions

Web: 34.0.22 (26344-production)
API: 34.0.4 (26259-production)

Version 33

  • Complete redesign of all login and create subscription screens

  • Subscription owners can now export a list of all users (as a CSV file)

  • Add search functionality for pages (both consumer and editor area)

  • Possibility to delete pages & to undo the deletion

  • Improve the look & feel of the "manage pages"-view

  • A new page can be created directly from the side bar

Web: 33.0.59 (25715-production)
API: 33 (25447)

Version 32

  • The navigation was improved and is now placed on the left side of the screen. This new navigation supports news-navigation by channel.

  • The "Pages"-feature was added. Pages allow authors and editors to create static, hierarchical content. This feature is in preview, let us know if you'd like to try it.

  • The display of comments for news and posts has been improved

Web: 32.0.54 (24214-production)
API: 32 (24126)

Version 31

  • All users can now create posts to share personal content (in preview, contact us if you'd like to try it)

  • Improved all push and email notification messages

  • Improved notification settings (better control about how you want to get notified)

  • News can now be filtered by author

Web: 31.0.45 (23032-production)
API: 31 (22941)

Version 30

  • News can now be published as "Alerts"

  • The "Requires confirmation" functionality for news was drastically improved

  • It's now possible to download a confirmation report (CSV) for news which require confirmations

  • Alerts & Confirmations are displayed as special items (banners) in the news list view

  • MUI support for channels (they can now be translated)

  • MUI support for Keywords & Keyword groups (they can now be translated)

  • Various UI improvements (especially in the statistics part in the news detail view)

Web: 30.0.42 (22057-production)
API: 30 (22055)

Version 29

  • Comments can now be edited (by the comment author)

  • Comments can now be deleted (by the comment author or a subscription owner)

  • The feedback buttons (like, share, bookmark, etc.) in the detail view of a news article are now all in the same row (the layout is more consistent)

  • Configuring feedback options in the editor is now easier and clearer

  • "Confirmations" within articles are highlighted (and therefore much better visible) for users who read the article

  • is now used to get the avatars of users who don't have an avatar set in O365

  • Fixed & improved "Back-Button"-behavior on Android

Web: 29.0.39 (20973-production)
API: 29 (21033)

Version 28

  • Users can follow comments and receive notifications for new comments on news articles.

  • When writing a comment users can mention other users in comments. The mentioned users will receive a notification about the new comment.

  • We introduced e-mail notifications in additon to the mobile push notifications. Users can individually specify their preferred notification method in the settings.

  • There is a new section to manage the linked Azure directory in the admin area.

  • We redesigned the navigation panel to provide a better navigation experience.

  • On the consumer view users can filter the displayed news articles by channels now.

  • We improved the highlighting of unread news in the consumer view.

  • We added a Zapier app to simplify the integration of external apps in Condense.

  • Group administrators can now search for user accounts when adding new users to a group.

  • Group administrators can assign multiple users via AD security groups to a role in a group.

Web: 28.0.51 (20271-production)
API: 28 (20252)

Version 27

  • We have added a new functionality called "Groups". With "Groups" we have introduced a permission layer that allows Condense subscription owners to control which users can create, publish, and read news articles. Have a look here to get a detailed description how it works.

  • Zoom Images in Mobile App: we brought back the possibility to view the images in a larger scale and zoom in.

  • Zapier: We will release shortly an app in Zapier to make it easy to integrate 3rd party apps with Condense.

Web: 27.0.34 (18553-production)
API: 27 (18526)

Version 26 (Mobile)

  • We completely redesigned the mobile application with the same user interface as the web application.

  • Support for personal accounts (no longer limited to Azure AD) for authentication has be been introduced.

  • You can create a new Condense subscription right from the mobile app now.

  • In case your account is associated with multiple Condense subscriptions you can switch between the subscriptions in the mobile app. Push notifications for all your subscriptions will also be delivered to the mobile app.

Web: v26 (17252-production)
API: v26 (17185)

Version 25 (Web)

  • We have rewamped the consumer view:

    • The news articles are arranged in a new appealing responsive layout.

    • The cards of the news articles are displayed in an improved design with a clearer layout, full title and intro and new with an optional intro.

  • The detail view of the news article received also some changes to become more appealing.

  • Dates are displayed in a clearer and improved format.

  • Push notifications can be enabled and disabled for certain channels in the customize channel page.

  • There is a new share button in the article detail view to quickly share the news article with someone else.

Web: v25 (16400)
API: v25 (16379)

Version 24

We improved support for personal user accounts and subscriptions:

  • Allow to remove an invited user

  • Simplified registration and logon process

  • Invite Active Directory users as well

  • You can already assign a role to a pending invited user

Multi-Subscription Support:

  • A user can be invited and assigned to multiple subscriptions with the same email address now.

  • If you are part of multiple subscription, you can switch a subscription via the user context menu in the top right corner.

  • You can create a new subscription even if you are already part of another subscription.

  • You can define the name of the subscription while creating it

Web: v24 (14360)
API: v24 (14237)

Version 23

We introduced support for user accounts and subscriptions that are not linked to an Azure Active Directory:

  • It's now possible to create subscriptions without an Azure Active Directory.
  • It's now possible to invite users by e-mail.
  • It's now possible to invite external users by e-mail for subscriptions that are linked to an Azure Active Directory.

For now the login via a personal user account (non Azure Active Directory account) is not supported on the mobile app. This only works in the web application of Condense. We will allow this in the future.

Web: v23 (13137)
API: v23 (13145)

Version 22

  • User details callout - see the user properties like the email address or the phone number of a news article author or other Condense users in a callout
  • Improved color theme settings - specify the color of the top navigation bar (which is no longer derived from the the side bar color)
  • Improved highlighting of selected articles - the configured colors of the theme are used to higlight the selected items in the editor list
  • Revised article metadata editing - in the editor view editable metadata fields are clearly outlined to make them easier to identify and edit
  • Improved error messages for bulk deletion - clear error messages makes it easy to understand why some articles could not be deleted from the editor list
  • ... and many other minor improvements and fixes

Version 21

  • Published articles editing - edit already published news without un-publishing the article
  • Unread news highlighting - we updated the consumer view so that users are now able to see which news articles they did not visit yet (feature enabled on request)
  • Quotes formatting - now the edit view supports formatting quotes in the rich text editor
  • Image captions - inline images for an article can be described with a caption (web only)
  • Display channels - in the detail view the channels of news article are displayed (web only)

Version 20

  • Channel Targeting - administrators are able to define default channels for specific user groups based on AD groups and other user properties
  • Copy text on mobile - users can copy the text of a news article and paste it in another app on their mobile
  • Image zooming on mobile - mobile users can zoom the banner image to get a more detailed view of it

Version 19

  • Push-Notifcations improvements - readers get notified of new published articles in a more reliable way
  • Image scaling optimizations - images are now resized and compressed without loosing noticebale quality
  • Reporting - a new reporting section about the usage of your Condense subscription (for dedicated subscriptions only)
  • And a lot of smaller improvements...

Version 18

For the Editor area:

  • Unsplash integration - editors and authors can directly browse through the unsplash picture gallery for banner images – free and high quality
  • Discard changes within a session – If you’ve made changes and are not happy with them, just cancel them out.
  • Restore versions – Want to go back to a previous version of an article? Just select and hit restore.
  • Show changes – Working on an article with someone and want to see what they’ve changed? Just let the changes light up.
  • Intercom – We add a help center and support with a direct channel to us from within app. This way we are just a click away and can chat anytime.

For the Readers:

  • My news view - all my subscribed news on the first page