Version 22

  • User details callout - see the user properties like the email address or the phone number of a news article author or other Condense users in a callout
  • Improved color theme settings - specify the color of the top navigation bar (which is no longer derived from the the side bar color)
  • Improved highlighting of selected articles - the configured colors of the theme are used to higlight the selected items in the editor list
  • Revised article metadata editing - in the editor view editable metadata fields are clearly outlined to make them easier to identify and edit
  • Improved error messages for bulk deletion - clear error messages makes it easy to understand why some articles could not be deleted from the editor list
  • ... and many other minor improvements and fixes

Version 21

  • Published articles editing - edit already published news without un-publishing the article
  • Unread news highlighting - we updated the consumer view so that users are now able to see which news articles they did not visit yet (feature enabled on request)
  • Quotes formatting - now the edit view supports formatting quotes in the rich text editor
  • Image captions - inline images for an article can be described with a caption (web only)
  • Display channels - in the detail view the channels of news article are displayed (web only)

Version 20

  • Channel Targeting - administrators are able to define default channels for specific user groups based on AD groups and other user properties
  • Copy text on mobile - users can copy the text of a news article and paste it in another app on their mobile
  • Image zooming on mobile - mobile users can zoom the banner image to get a more detailed view of it

Version 19

  • Push-Notifcations improvements - readers get notified of new published articles in a more reliable way
  • Image scaling optimizations - images are now resized and compressed without loosing noticebale quality
  • Reporting - a new reporting section about the usage of your Condense subscription (for dedicated subscriptions only)
  • And a lot of smaller improvements...

Version 18

For the Editor area:

  • Unsplash integration - editors and authors can directly browse through the unsplash picture gallery for banner images – free and high quality
  • Discard changes within a session – If you’ve made changes and are not happy with them, just cancel them out.
  • Restore versions – Want to go back to a previous version of an article? Just select and hit restore.
  • Show changes – Working on an article with someone and want to see what they’ve changed? Just let the changes light up.
  • Intercom – We add a help center and support with a direct channel to us from within app. This way we are just a click away and can chat anytime.

For the Readers:

  • My news view - all my subscribed news on the first page