Mobile, Efficient, Simple,
Habit-forming, Deeply Engaging

Condense is the lightweight, fast and flexible publishing platform from CYCL that will revolutionize the way you engage with your customers and employees. It allows you to publish beautifully simple branded stories that properly embrace the power of mobile and will have your audience hooked.

Whether you're publishing to consumers, businesses, members, fans, clients or employees, Condense can help you get your content out there with the minimum of editorial effort and the maximum impact.

With Condense, you reach people when they have time, on their way to work, in the bus or on the train. Instead of reading newspapers, they will read about you. All you need is a brand that people relate to and enough stuff to keep them coming back for more.
— Matthias Walter, CFO at CYCL
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Customer Communications

Print? Disposal problem. Newsletter? Stone age. Mass email? Spam. With Condense, you captivate your customers with a customer magazine app.

Employee Communications

Use apps for your internal communication – not the bush telegraph. With Condense, you will also reach your blue collar and mobile workers.


Condense is packed with features including liking, commenting, feedback, read receipts, video integration, social editing and loads more.

Condense Connects


Increase your REACH

66% of media consumption is mobile today. About 80% is via apps. Do you already offer your content "To Go"?


Premium QUALITY Content PAYS OFF

55% of people under 35 infer the quality of your content to the performance of your business. Do your apps work for your image?



5x more coverage and sustainable engagement is achieved through regular publishing. Do you really keep going?