Increase your communication effect with Condense

Condense addresses persons with little time, who like to use their smartphones in their short breaks. Condense is the first channel, in which your employees, customers, members, partners or students receive current information daily. Condense encourages engagement, loyalty, affinity and representation of interests and creates a self-contained user base of high quality, which you can frequently speak to. It contains a large sum of analysis tools, with which you can measure what really works.

80% of all page visits on the intranet are news. With Condense, you can reach your target audiences at a fraction of the cost of traditional intranets. And you can get started within 24 hours.



Take your digital corporate publishing into your own hands. Strengthen the awareness for your brand and the loyalty of your customers and business partners.

Investor relations

Present your results in a lively and appealing way and provide confidential business data through a secure platform to your most valued audiences

Community Development

Support the transfer of knowledge within the company and towards your customers or students via training videos, instructions and ongoing information.

Partner Communications

Present your offer via app
and your partner channel or dealer network will always be up to date with your latest products, promotions and events.

Condense Connects