Customer Communications

Continuous Reach

Condense drives engagement, loyalty, affinity and advocacy and creates a captive, known, high-value user base who you can talk to regularly and monetize. And it comes with a rich set of analytics so you can measure what’s really working.

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Take your digital corporate publishing into your own hands. Strengthen the awareness for your brand and the loyalty of your customers and business partners.

Community Development

Support the continuous transfer of knowledge within the company and to your customers through learning videos, instructions and ongoing updates.


Present your results in a lively and appealing way and provide confidential business data through a secure platform to your most valued audiences.

Partner Communications

Present your offer via app and your partner channel or dealer network will always be up to date with your latest products, promotions and events.


Employee Communications

Communicate Change
Change Communications

Condense is aimed at time-poor individuals who like to use their smartphones for short breaks throughout the day. It’s the first place your employees go to get daily updates and work-related information, and it sits neatly alongside your other channels (social, web, events)


Spread news
in a targeted way

80% of all page visits on the intranet are news. With Condense, you can reach your target audiences at a fraction of the cost of traditional intranets. And you can get started within 24 hours.


Share your stories with embellishment, theatrics, or just as plain readings, but always in a professional, good-looking format and over a channel and publication process you control.


Condense is the only DCP solution that allows you to aggregate and freely combine content from multiple sources into one channel: curate content from RSS feeds to professional content providers and build the best mix for your employees.



Everything For an Impactful Communication

Condense combines the benefit of a cross-platform digital corporate publishing app that has everything you need to pull together a deeply compelling user experience, with a rich tool set to create fantastic content, excite your audience and  beautifully represent your brand.

With Condense, you'll be able to get up and running in just a few days and once you're live you can take advantage of our constantly evolving platform that will become more and more powerful over time.


Agile and Time-saving
From A-Z

Condense is set up within a very short time and without installation. Articles can be created and published within a few minutes. Condense works just as intuitively as a newspaper app, dramatically increasing the enjoyment of reading and the ability to find content. This saves your readers, your authors and your IT valuable time.



Send company news directly to the smartphone of your readers. Thus, you simply stay in contact with employees who have no permanent desk and reach your customers and partners. Thanks to push notifications and targeted content, you can reach your audience in real time and always guarantee relevant content for each individual reader.


and Workflows

With the publication of Condense articles, actions or workflows can be triggered automatically. For example, in Twitter or LinkedIn. Conversely, external events can be used as triggers to automatically publish content in Condense.


Feature Set

Condense offers everything your heart desires, from social editing, rich content and video integration, to feedback and commenting, likes and read receipts, multilingual content, and great free images thanks to our seamless Unsplash integration.


Your Virtual

Condense revolutionizes the flow of information in your organization. In addition to editorially written messages, you can include information from numerous sources such as RSS feeds. Let them be sent automatically to a target group. This makes Condense the place where all information flows together. Almost by itself.


Integration With
More Than 1000 Apps

Through Microsoft Flow and Zapier, Condense connects to over 1000 other apps such as Twitter, Yammer, OneDrive, SharePoint, Salesforce or Hubspot, and can be the target as well as the catalyst for complex digital processes. That said, there are unlimited options for your own extensions.

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on All Channels

Produce your content once, publish it in your app, and share it on social media and the web. Condense channels your communication and pushes your messages continuously to the right target groups. In this way, content can be grouped by topic and precisely tailored to your readers via rules and profile matching.




The secret of your communication is your content. If it is persuasive, customer acquisition, customer loyalty and monetization also work. Learn about what your audience is looking for with our Power BI Analytics features. You learn from your users, optimize your content and thus achieve higher customer satisfaction.



With secure authentication, Azure AD and ADFS support, SSL encryption, blockchain integration, and a flexible, fully documented REST API, Condense is ideally suited for use in environments with high security, compliance, availability, scalability, and integration requirements.