Do It Yourself Or Get It Done

If you're taking our off the shelf cloud service, there's really nothing to it as we do all the configuration for you. All it takes is a matter of hours - and setup and support are covered in your licence fees so you don't have to worry about hidden costs.

If you want something a little more customised, we can do that too - just let us know what you need and we'll work it all out with you.



Use Condense independently.

Condense is easy to use and allows anyone to create great content. Examples and instructions show you how to do it directly in the authoring environment. If you need help, just contact us. We're here to help!


Let us help you.

We can help you quickly get an overview and speed up the implementation. Develop technical specifications with us and benefit from our experience.


Let us implement your project.

Our team offers you all the resources to implement your project on time and within budget. We'll take over the entire technical and organizational rollout so you just have to get started.

Digital Corporate Publishing

We Support You Along the Entire Process

With Condense, you design content so that it can be perfectly transformed into mobile readable layouts. With our unique authoring tools you pour your information into captivating, multimedia stories. You reach your audience through all digital channels and learn through targeted analysis how your readers tic.



  • Integrate Condense into your IT environment
  • Define strategy, concept and publishing process
  • Set up your communication channels
  • Define your categories
  • Set roles and permissions
  • Include existing content sources


  • Import your existing content or create content directly in Condense
  • Enhance your content with free images from Unsplash
  • Structure and categorize your content
  • Curate content from third-party systems and professional content sources


  • Publish your content through your Condense channels
  • Mirror content on the web and share it in the social media
  • Play the content in your intranet
  • Set start and end dates for each content
  • Request a read receipt


  • Target your content to the right target group 
  • Match channels and categories with roles and profile information of your readers
  • Inform your readers via push messages about new content
  • Increase your reach through social sharing