Power of the Cloud

Condense is designed as a cloud-first application; it is fully hosted in the Azure cloud which enables you to leverage all the benefits of redundancy, scalability and privacy that this service provides.



As a cloud service, Condense can scale the hosts, cache and databases automatically to meet demand. This is vital to Condense, given that usage can spike, for example, when a large organisation pushes an important news article to their global workforce.



Condense has security "baked in" at many layers. User authentication is handled via Azure AD and other security providers, which means that no passwords are stored. Condense infrastructure and software is continually patched and updated, avoiding common vulnerability pitfalls.



Condense is designed to be used as an off-the-shelf service. We provide a comprehensive API which allows you to integrate Condense features into your existing workflows, such as creating a news article automatically from syndicated materials. We also utilise Webhooks which allow us to trigger external actions.


Technical Requirements

If you are already using Office 365 in your organization, chances are high that you meet the requirements to run Condense. You can start testing as soon as we have set you up.



Because Condense is intended for use within organisations, it does not provide its own user management. As such, we require adopters to have an existing identity provider, such as Azure AD.

If Azure AD is available, Condense can interact with additional Microsoft Graph API services such as AD Groups and SharePoint.



As a cloud-hosted web service, the only requirement for users is a modern web browser; Condense supports IE11+ and all latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Condense provides Android and iOS mobile applications, supporting the latest two major versions of either operating system.


API & Webhooks

Webhooks and the API interface are an integral part of Condense's extensibility. Read the following guide to learn how to use it to automate and connect Condense with other applications.



The Condense Application Programming Interface (API) has an interactive documentation available on Swagger.

Order Access Token

To make interactive queries via the Swagger interface, you need an Access Token for Condense. Please contact us so we can give you a token.

Log in to Swagger

Once you have an access token, you can log in to Swagger as follows:

1. Click on "Authorize" in the main navigation. A dialog box appears.

2. In the "value" text box, enter "Bearer <accessToken>" and replace "<accessToken>" with your Condense API Access Token.

3. Click on "Authorize". The page will be reloaded and the authorization will be activated.

4. Now you can authenticate queries with the interactive Swagger interface.

Important: Some actions with the API can be destructive. Use the API with care.

Additional information

Would you like to know more? Please do not hesitate and contact us. We will gladly answer your questions.